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The material in which an orchid is container-grown, it may be organic such as fir bark or inorganic such as lava rock.


Medium light

For orchids, the middle category of light.



A plant derived from tissue culture that is identical to its parent. A generally exact copy of an original orchid plant made via the laboratory technique of meristem propagation; since it is a specific cultivar, it is designated by single quotes around its name.



The actively growing area of the plant from which mature tissues such as leaf, stems, flowers and roots originate. Technically, the actively dividing cell tissue taken from root tips and from the tips of new growths or floral shoots; sometimes loosely used to refer to the mericlone plant that is produced from the laboratory propagation of meristern tissue.



The use of tissue culture to grow inactive axillary buds into whole plants with very little somaclonal variation, unlike adventitious propagation. Making new orchids by any of the laboratory techniques, including meristem tissue propagation and sterile seed culture.



Orchids which grow upward from a single stem producing leaves and flowers along that stem. One of the two forms of orchid vegetative growth (the other is sympodial), wherein a single vegetative shoot grows continually upward, such as in the central rosette of Phalaenopsis and the more vine-like Vanda.



Having more than one flower per inflorescence.