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An inflorescence with a main stem and branches, the flowers on the lower branches open earlier than the upper ones. A type of flower inflorescence wherein the flowers are loosely arranged on a branching stem and open from the lowest or inner branches to the top.



In orchids, a term used to describe an unusual and often beautiful (sometimes grotesque) condition where all three petals (instead of just one) attempt to fashion themselves into lip colors and/or shapes.



In orchids, one of the three inner segments of the flower that are positioned between the three sepals; one of the petals is modified into a lip.



The process a plant uses to produce carbohydrates and sugar from water and carbon dioxide in the air using chlorophyl-containing cells exposed to light.



Term used to refer to the seedpod or capsule.



Waxy pollen clumps or grains usually found in the anthers of most orchids; often yellow, distinct, and found under the pollen cap of the column.



A plant with more than the normal two sets of chromosomes.



A thickened portion of the stem of many orchids functioning as a water and food storage device.



Containing no pseudobulbs.