Oncidesa Gower Ramsey (Group A)


Oncidesa Gower Ramsey "Golden Angel"

This is my second and current attempt at dividing an Oncidesa (Oncidium). Lessons I learned the hard way from my first attempt will hopefully make this experience much more rewarding.  To learn more specifically about the Oncidesa Gower Ramsey, follow this link.


Although this 'growblog" focuses on an Oncidesa (Oncidium) Gower Ramsey, the process can be applied to any Oncidium or for that matter any orchid that is signalling it is ready to be re-potted and perhaps divided.  Go through each of my six divisions because no two are alike.  I discuss and use pictures to detail my dividing process.  It is in this detail, or 6 detailed divisions, that answers to common and uncommon questions be discovered.


One does not always need to divide an orchid.  To do so is a matter of personal preference.  If you have the space, "pot-up" - do not divide.  Large specimen orchids tend to bloom much more spectacularly then a small piece ever could.  If it isn't broke, don't' fix it.  "Potting up" is simply un-potting the orchid carefully, and then moving it to a bigger pot, then backfilling with potting medium.  You can even just take the smaller pot and place it in a larger pot, position and then back bill.


Continuing my admiration for "Game of Thrones", I have given these 6 divisions a name from Kingdoms from the series.  Click the titles below to continue exploring the divisions.