Orchids Cared for By NVOS Members


( A work in progress so please be patient )



A common question frequently asked by new members to the Napa Valley Orchid Society (NVOS), and those new to orchids that reside in and around Napa, California is "What Orchids do well in the Napa area?"


I found a way to answer that question.  A portion of the NVOS monthly meeting is dedicated to a "Show and Tell" Table.  Members that have an orchid in bloom or a few orchids in bloom, are strongly encouraged to bring those orchids for this part of the monthly meeting.  Throughout the meeting, you can browse the table and see these excellent exhibits of actual orchids that have been tended to by residents of Napa, and many that reside in the vicinity of Napa.


I will go back as far as I can and make a database of these orchids and present them here.


I will display this database in two ways, by orchid alliance and by date of peak bloom.  The orchid alliance is the exact same categorization used for the ribbon judging of the society's annual show.  Date of peak bloom will be determined by what month the orchid was exhibited on the Show and Tell Table at NVOS  meetings.


Each entry will include the name of the orchid, date of exhibit, a photo and a brief description and links to additional information. 


An advantage of this web site is that anyone can submit questions and as soon as possible, answers be provided.


In the end, it is hoped that a comprehensive database be developed to answer the common question "What Orchids do well in the Napa area?"



Cattleya Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Barkeria, Brassavola, Broughtonia, Cattleya, Cattleytonia, Dialaelia, Encyclia, Epicat, Epidendrum, Guarianthe, Laelia, Myrmecophila, Rhyncholaelia and Sophronitis


Cymbidium Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Ansellia, Bifrenaria, Catasetinae (including the sub-groups Catasetum, Clowesia, Cycnoches, Mormodes and others),  Cymbidium,  Eulophiella, Grammatophyllum and Phaius.


Cypripedium Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Armeniacum, Cypripedium, Delenatii, Emersonii, Malipoense, Mexipedium, Micranthum, Paphiopedilum, Parvisepalum, Phragmipedium and Selenipedium


Dendrobium Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Austrailian, Calista, Dendrobium, Dendrocoryne, Dockrilla, Eugenanthe, Flickingeria, Latouria, Nigrohirsutae, Oxyglossum, Phalaenopsis and Spatulata


Oncidium / Odontoglossum Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Ada, Brassia, Brassisium, Burrageara, Cochlioda, Colmanara, Galeandra, Gomesa, Miltassia, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Odontocidium, Odontoglossum, Oncidium, Rodriguezia, Vuylstekeara and Wilsonara


Phalaenopsis and Vanda Alliance

Includes the following orchids;

Doritis, Kingiella and Phalaenopsis

Aerides, Ascocenda, Ascocentrum, Neofinetia, Renanthera, Rhynchostylis, Sarcochilus and Vanda


Miscellaneous Genera

Includes the following orchids;

Aerangis, Angraecoids, Anguloa, Bulbophyllum, Calanthe, Catasepum, Cirrhopetalum, Coelogyne, Coryanthes, Cycnoches, Dendrochilum, Disa., Dracula, Epipactis, Gongora, Habenaria, Lycaste, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Pleione, Pleurothallis, Porroglossum, Restrepia, Stanhopea, Stenia and Zygopetalum